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Wilston State School P&C

Wilston State School Parents and Citizens Association promotes the interests of the children of Wilston State School and assists with the further development and improvement at Wilston State School.


Through fundraising the P&C provides money to the Wilston State School enabling the purchase of additional materials and equipment.

The P&C also works with the Principal and staff of Wilston State School to foster parent-teacher cooperation and provide advice and assistance as required.

The Swimming Club, Bookshop/Tuckshop and Wilston Kids Care are valuable services to the Wilston State School community operated by sub-committees of the P&C.


Wilston SS P&C meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 7 pm in the Staff Room (upstairs in the music block) at Wilston State School.

In accordance with our P&C Constitution, membership of the Wilston SS P&C is open to all parents, teachers at Wilston State School and other interested persons.

You can make a valuable contribution to the Wilston State School through membership of the P&C or one of the sub- committees.

In February each year the Wilston SS P&C AGM is held and the executive, comprising the P&C President, Treasurer, Vice-Presidents and Secretary, are elected. Any member is entitled to nominate for an executive position and newcomers are welcome.

Our next P&C meetings are on the third Thursday of the month at Wilston State School on:

A good school depends greatly on an active and interested P&C

Wilston SS P&C
ABN 19 433 774 804
PO Box 6 GRANGE QLD 4051